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BPO Championship: Tim McPhillips Sets Up His Opponent


Tim McPhillips (EPT)

Tim McPhillips (EPT)

We catch up to the heads up action on a flop of A♠8♥2♦ and Tim McPhillips checks. His opponent tosses out a bet of 1,825 and McPhillips makes the call. The turn brings the 3♠ and he checks again to the player who bets 2,000.

This time McPhillips check raises making it 6,000 and his opponent comes along. The river is the 10♦ and McPhillips leads out with a bet of 10,000. The player wastes no time moving all in for 16,400 and McPhillips snap calls.

His opponent shows A♣10♥ but McPhillips tables 2♥2♠ for a flopped set of deuces. McPhillips earns the pot and his opponent is sent to the rail here in the early levels.

Tim McPhillips- 50,000

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