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BPO Championship: “Big Dog” Flushes One Away


John "Big Dog" Dowling (Riverchasers)

John “Big Dog” Dowling (Riverchasers)

There has been no shortage of action at table 52 that’s for sure. Just after Tim McPhillips was involved in a massive pot that sent one to the rail, we saw another big hand.

We arrived at the table just in time to see John “Big Dog” Dowling raking in a large pot. On a board of Q♣Q♦5♣2♦J♣ Dowling showed A♣8♣ for the nut flush. Unfortunately for his opponent he was holding the K♣10♣ for the second nut flush. Dowling earned the elimination doubling his starting stack and stacked his newly acquired chips with a smile.

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