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BPO Championship: Mark Yurga Eliminated In 6th Place ($4,045)

Mark Yurga (Suit Up Poker)

Mark Yurga (Suit Up Poker)

Thomas McDonald raises to 320,000 and Mark Yurga calls from the big blind. They go heads up to the J♥5♦8♠ flop and Yurga checks.

McDonald slides out a bet of 900,000 and Yurga quickly check raises all in for 1,800,000. McDonald calls just as fast and the hands are shown.

Yurga: J♣2♠
McDonald: Q♥J♠

The turn 6♠ and river A♠ seal the deal for McDonald earning him the pot and the elimination. Yuga is our 6th place finisher collecting $4,045 for his efforts.

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