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BPO Championship: Yurga Cripples Willmeth

Debbie Yurga (Suit It Up Poker)

Debbie Yurga (Suit It Up Poker)

Debbie Yurga moves all in from under the gun for her last 1,240,000. Phil Willmeth makes the call leaving himself just about 350,000 chips behind. With the blinds at 200,000/400,000 with a 40,000 ante this will be a key hand for either player.

Yurga: K♥Q♦
Willmeth: A♥J♠

They see a flop of 4♣5♥5♠ and it’s no help to Yurga. The turn is the 10♥ and Yurga will need a king or queen on the river to survive. The K♠ hits the river and Yurga spikes her king. The players on the rail erupt in cheers as many of her Suit It Up Poker team members are here showing support. Willmeth is left crippled after the hand but manages to double his very short stack just one hand later.

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