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BPO Championship: Thomas McDonald Eliminated In 5th Place ($5,303)

Thomas McDonald (NPL)

Thomas McDonald (NPL)

Thomas McDonald moved all in from the small blind for 605,000. The blinds are now 300,000/600,000 and Donna Rohwer called from the big for just 5,000 more.

McDonald showed A♥8♠ and Rohwer flips over K♣J♦. The dealer spread the 10♠6♥2♦ flop and McDonald’s ace high was still in the lead. The turn 10♦ was no help to Rohwer.

McDonald was just one card away from the double up but the K♠ hit the river. Rohwer spiked the king on the river to eliminate her NPL teammate. The two shared a hug as McDonald was sent to the rail in 5th collecting $5,303 for his efforts.

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