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BPO Championship: Rich Brennan Eliminated In 4th Place ($7,000)

Rich Brennan (EPT)

Rich Brennan (EPT)

Rich Brennan moves all in for his last 2,500,000 and Donna Rohwer makes the call. The other players quickly fold and the hands are revealed.

Brennan: A♥10♣
Rohwer: Q♦J♥

They see a flop of K♥6♥2♦ and Brennan remains in the lead. The 8♥ turn is a great card for Brennan as he picks up the nut flush draw. Rohwer can only win with a non heart jack or queen on the river.

The J♦ hits the river and the oohhsss and ahhhhs can be heard from the crowd. Rohwer river her jack to earn the pot and send Brennan to the rail. Brennan is our 4th place finisher collecting $7,000 for his efforts.

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