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BPO Championship: Phil Willmeth Eliminated In 2nd Place ($13,000)

Phil Welmuth (The Poker Pub)

Phil Welmuth (The Poker Pub)

Phil Willmeth had just 1,200,000 and he was in the big blind for 1,000,000. Donna Rohwer raised and Willmeth made the call for the last of his chips.

Willmeth: 8♣9♠
Rohwer: A♠9♥

The dealer spread the 8♦2♦4♥ flop and Willmeth’s supporters cheered as he flopped his eight to take the lead. The dealer burned and turned the A♥ and the cheers were even louder.

Rohwer had turned her ace to put a hammer lock on the hand. Willmeth would need only an eight on the river to stay alive but the 6♣ completed the board. The two shook hands as both players showed great sportsmanship. Willmeth is our runner up collecting a hefty $13,000 for his second place finish.

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