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Donna Rohwer Wins The BPO Championship ($24,000)


The Bar Poker Open Championship here at The Golden saw a total of 562 entries. When the smoked cleared there was one player left holding the trophy.

Donna Rohwer came to the final table in the middle of the chip counts but she didn’t stay there for long. She was able to pick up pots in key spots and was never at risk. Rohwer came into heads up play with a massive chip lead and it only took here one hand to finish the job.

Rohwer is a member of Nevada Poker League and they were certainly in the crowd cheering her on. Rohwer put on quite the performance through two days of play. She will not only be taking home The Bar Poker Open Championship trophy but $24,000 to go along with it.

1 Comments June 30, 2016
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  • Marcos brito

    congratulation Donna,play very well this FT