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National Championship: Jim Gardner – 7th Place ($5,623)

2017 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 27: 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 Ante
Total Entries: 817
Players Remaining: 6

Jim Gardner (Eastern Poker Tour)

Jim Gardner (Eastern Poker Tour)

Glenn Resch was eliminated on the first hand of the final table and Jim Gardner put himself at risk on the second. He moved all in for 890,000 and action folded to Caryn Bustos in the small blind. She thought for a moment and called for a chance at a second straight knockout. Adam White released his big blind and they were off to the races.

Bustos: Ts Td
Gardner: Ah Kd

Gardner needed to catch to stay alive but the Qh Qs 2h 9h Js board was not good enough to keep in the game.

Caryn Busto – 4,500,000 (28 bb)
Jim Gardner – Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,623)

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