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Good Start for Glenn Andersen

2018 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 1: 100/200
Day 1A Entries: 429

Glenn Andersen (left) versus Britnie Zobrist (right)

Glenn Andersen (left) versus Britnie Zobrist (right)

The action is off to a fast paced start. On a board reading [sc:Spades card=”9″],[sc:Spades card=”4″ ],[sc:Spades card=”2″ ],[sc:Clubs card=”6″ ] with around 6,000 in the pot, Britnie Zobrist bet 2,700 from the big blind. Glenn Andersen, of One Time in Utah, called from the button.

The river brought the [sc:Diamonds card=”3″], both players checked, and Andersen showed the winning pair of kings.

Glenn Andersen – 38,000
Britnie Zobrist – 18,500

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