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Zach Preta Looking for Redemption

2018 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 3: 200/400
Day 1A Entries: 437

Zach Preta came to play

Zach Preta came to play

Zach Preta knows what it takes to get through one of these big field Bar Poker Open National Championships. The Pikes Peak Poker league member outlasted more than 800 entries, all but one, to finished runner-up this event last year.

Preta finished second to Caryn Bustos but walked away with $21,764 for a few days work.

He took his winnings and posted a picture of himself sprawled out on a bed covered in cash. A local news outlet picked up the story and the exposure caused the Pikes Peak Poker league to double their growth!

Preta now sits with around 60,000 after winning a large pot when he flopped a set and filled up on the river.

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