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Basil Congro Wins the 2018 Bar Poker Open National Championship!

2018 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 31: 600,000/1,200,000 with a 100,000 ante
Total Entries: 1,298


Jay Reid moved all in for around 6,800,000 with Qh 3h and got called by Basil Congro’s Ac 9c.

The board came Kh 9s 8h 10s 8d and Congro wound up with two-pair to eliminate Reid and secure the 2018 Bar Poker Open National Championship title!

Basil Congro – 2018 Bar Poker Open National Champion ($50,000)
Jay Reid – Eliminated in 2nd Place ($28,866)

Final Table Results:

1st: Basil Congro – $50,000 – Eastern Poker Tour
2nd: Jay Reid – $28,866 – Eastern Poker Tour
3rd: Joe Jarboe – $19,478 – No Limit Pub Poker Tour
4th: Elvis Reyes – $13,575 – Eastern Poker Tour
5th: Paul Giroux – $10,613 – Eastern Poker Tour
6th: Myles Glover – $8,601 – One Time Poker Tour
7th: Deanne Woodsmall – $6,753 – DeepStacks Poker League
8th: Maverick Gray – $5,306 – Texas Poker Tour


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