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Before playing the High Roller, we recommend you review these screenshots to make sure you understand:

  1. How to Rebuy with the BPO Online
  2. When you can Rebuy
  3. How You Can Add-On

How to Rebuy with BPO Online

  1.  Auto Rebuy
    Check this box and every time you go under 2,000 chips, you will automatically get 2,000 more for the cost of 2 tokens.
  2. Auto Rebuy 2X
    Check this box and every time you are down to 0 chips, you will automatically get 4,000 chips for the cost of 4 tokens total (double rebuy)
  3. Rebuy Button
    If you prefer to wait and decide to rebuy, keep the auto boxes unchecked and you can rebuy by clicking the menu button top right and hitting the rebuy button.  Please note if you do this, and are down to 0 chips, you will only have 8 seconds to click the rebuy button then you are removed from the event and cannot re-enter.





  1.  Right away!
    You can top off your stack for 2,000 more chips at the start or any time you have 2,000 chips or less.
  2. Whenever you are under 2,000 chips.
  3. When you are Knocked Out
    Please make sure to quickly go to the menu link and click rebuy to avoid being removed.
  4. Rebuy period will last 8 levels (2 hours with 15 min levels)



  1. Add-ons are allowed the break immediately following the rebuy period (8 levels)
  2. Players can add-on during this 5 minute break
  3. 2 Tokens for 4,000 Chips Total

ADD-ON BUTTON IS AT THE MENU SCREEN RIGHT BELOW REBUY AND IT WILL BE CLICK-ABLE DURING ADD-ON PERIOD ONLY.  Auto add-on can be clicked at any time during the rebuy period and the software will automatically add-on during the add-on period.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.04.29 PM













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