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Season 4 – Super League Championship

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 , Top players from each league are invited to play for 5 Las Vegas/Atlantic City Vacation Packages and 10 Seats into an upcoming Championship in the Super League Championship!  That is over $7,000 in prizes in ONE online event for our top points players to play for.

Super League Championship Event Date:
October 21, 2017
11:30 AM (Eastern Time)

0 Tokens
Invited by finishing in the Top 2 Tiers (Tier 2 & 3) on the super league ranking and you will see an invite in your dashboard
Top Tier 3 qualifiers get a rebuy advantage in event

Registration will open October 21 at 9:00 AM (eastern time)

4,000 Starting Stack, 10/20 Starting Blind
4,000 Chips for Rebuy/Add-on
15 Min Levels
Add-on period after 2 hours of play (8 levels)

Increase your chances by being a Top Tier Rank!
Our top tier is achieved every time your league hosts 40 events.  Top players are exclusively given a rebuy/add-on advantage in the Super League Championship.   Players will be given 100 tokens to use for only this event, and the rebuy/add-on each costs 100 tokens.

Players knocked out of the event prior to add-on period can rebuy.  If you are not knocked out, you can use the same 100 tokens for your add-on.  If you do not rebuy or add-on you will lose the tokens right after the event.

Check if you qualified!
Your dashboards all have a status bar that explains your Super League Ranking.

5 Grand Prizes: (1st – 5th Place)
Atlantic City Vacation Package is valued at over $1,000 and includes:

  • 5 Days / 4 Nights Stay at AC/Vegas Host Event
  • $400 Travel Reimbursement
    • For any means of travel, you will receive $400 check during registration
  • Day 1A Championship Seat
    • Players that have already won  2 seats will win a masters seat
  • Players that already won a travel package will receive $400 in spending money distributed with their initial package travel reimbursement.

6th – 10th Place
Win Day 1A Seats into the $200,000 National Championship.  

For players that have already won a seat, your additional seat can be redeemed for the masters tournament.  There is no additional prize if you have already won a seat and an apparel package.


Rankings Tiers Explained:

Tier 1:
Every time your league hosts 4 games, a top ranked player is allowed to buy into the upcoming championship. This season is for the East Coast Championship on Dec 8 – 12, 2017.

Tier 2:
Every time your league host 10 games, a top ranked player wins a seat into the Super League Online Championship on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Tier 3:
Every time your league hosts 40 games, a top ranked player wins a seat and a rebuy/add-on advantage in the Super League Online Championship!

Example: League hosting 100 games
– Top 25 players invited to East Coast Championship December 8 – 12, 2017
– Top 10 players win seats into Super League Championship on October 21, 2017 (SLC)
– Top 2 players win rebuy/add-on in SLC


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