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Las Vegas $200,000 Masters Tournament May 26, 2018

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Season 5
Masters Tournament for 2018 $200,000 National Championship

Players cannot and have not ever been able to earn more than 1 Seat into the Championship, but additional “seats” over the 1 can be used for the Masters Tournament, as it has been advertised and as it has been displayed in player dashboards since June 2017.

The Bar Poker Open Master’s Tournament is an exclusive tournament for those talented enough to win multiple seats online to play for a massive prize.  Once a player achieves  2 or  more “unused” seats during the period of June 17th – May 20th, that 2nd seat becomes a “Master’s Ticket” and every Master’s Ticket won above and beyond that becomes a rebuy/add-on in this championship event.     Any seats over the initial 1 earned must be used for the Masters and have no other value other than as entry or rebuy/add-on in the Masters Event. 

The prize of the Masters Event  is a Day 1 “bye” right into Day 2 of the $200,000 2018 National Championship before you even step foot into the Golden Nugget.   By winning this “Bye”

  • You will already be “in the money” with an average stack of 600,000
  • You will by-pass 95% of the field for the $200,000 Total Payout!
    (this means you will have only 50 players to compete against if we reach 1,000 entries)

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 11:30am (Eastern Time)

Cost for Entry:

  • O Token Cost (Invite only)
    Automatically added to our invite list once you hit 2 unused won seats during the season!
  • Rebuys Allowed for each additional seat won, over 2 (500 tokens for each rebuy)
    (valid at any time when player has 3,000 or fewer chips)
  • Add-on is also allowed for each seat won (500 tokens for each add-on)
    (valid during Break after Level 8)

Tournament Format:
3,000 Starting Stack
15 Min Levels
Rebuys Allowed for 8 Levels
Add-On Allowed during the break (after level 8)
*Re-buys can be made at any point that you have 3,000 chips or less, so this means you can rebuy in the beginning to start with 6,000 chips.

How To Rebuy/Add-On:
As a way to only allow rebuys for players that earned them, we will be dispersing players 500 tokens after 9:00 AM on the day of the event for every additional seat you won, more than 2.   These tokens will be removed from your account, they will be removed after the tournament so you will need to use them or lose them.

If you have 8 Total Seats Won this season
You will be given 500 Tokens On Saturday after 9AM
8 Seats Won – 2 Seat Requirement = 6 Seats to use for a rebuy
6 x 500 Tokens Per Seat = 3,000 Tokens

Rebuy/Add-On opportunities:
– You can rebuy at the beginning of tournament or at any time you are at or below 3,000 chips
– You can only add-on for 3,000 chips during the break (after level 8)


The Winner of this event will Win a “Bye” into Day 2 of the $200,000 National Championship with a guaranteed average chip stack (600,000 chips).

  • This will allow the player to get past 95% of the field and instantly “in the money” during Day 2 with a 600,000 chip-stack (the expected field average).
  • Winner may also still use their earned $200K Seat to compete in Day 1A and/or re-enter for $235 to play in Day 1B for a larger stack.
    If player bags chips greater in value than the 600,000 average stack during any Day1, they will start Day 2 with the larger stack.
  • If there is a field of 1,000 players, you will only have to beat out 50 players for the lions share of the guaranteed $200,000 on the televised Final Table!
    You will also be guaranteed a minimum of $500 for your day 2 finish and more as you finish higher.

This prize and your seats are non-transferrable, have no cash value, and can only be used for the $200,000 National Championship on June 10 – 14, 2018.  Please do not play in the Masters Event (or in any of the weekly qualifiers for that matter) if you cannot make the tournament.   You would have nothing to gain and you would only be taking a prize from someone who plans to attend.  Any masters seats/rebuys or championship seats that are not used for Vegas or the Masters Event will be expired and cannot be used for any future promotions or events.

Masters Tickets Expiration:
Players that won multiple seats and used those seats in either the East Coast Championship AND/OR the East Coast Masters Tournament will need to earn an additional seat for the Masters Tournament.  Meaning that players with a remaining balance of 2 or more Seats Won after the East Coast Championship will be invited to play in the next Bar Poker Open Masters Tournament.

Players that win additional BPO seats at Local League Events, can use the additional seats for entry in the Masters!
You will have to make sure your league enters your seat won into their admin panel.

  • Qualification Examples:
    • Player Wins 1 Seat June 2017 – November 2017, who did not use the seat at the East Coast Championship, will only need to win 1 more seat during November 2017 – May 2018.
    • Player Wins 2 Seats June 2018 – November 2017, who did not use a seat at the East Coast Championship, will be eligible for the 2018 Masters.
    • Player that Wins 2 Seats after the East Coast Championship, will be able to use the extra seat for the BPO Masters and future seats won would work as a “rebuy” or “add-on” during the Masters Event.

How would you of used a prior seat that you won?

  • If you participated in the $100,000 East Coast Championship, your seat would have been deducted
  • If you participated in the East Coast Championship Masters, we would deduct a seat for your entry or any rebuys or add-ons that you used during the online tournament.

What if you don’t use a rebuy/add-on you earned?
 The tokens we used are only a way to limit who can and can’t add-on.  You did not actually “earn” 500 tokens.  Any rebuys or add-ons you do not use as a player will be removed from your dashboard.   These are also not usable for any other more  seats into the championship or any other promotion, use them or lose them.

If you have any future questions regarding this tournament or the rules of this tournament, please email us at [email protected]

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  • Charles mahley(chuck)

    I won a seat and gave a bad email address [email protected] is the correct one

  • How many have qualified and how many have more than two seats?

    • admin

      We anticipate 50-60 players in the Masters and about 900-1,000 in Vegas.

  • Mark

    I have won 2 seats into the June National Tourney. I plan to attend this event. Does this mean I have to win another “unused” seat in order to play in this May Masters Tourney?

    • admin

      The second seat is the Master’s Seat any any seat after that is a rebuy in the Masters Event.

  • jack

    Thank you for the break down if you have 8 seats—would you be so kind to give me the same breakdown. I have 6 seats to use.
    Thanks for your help.

    • admin

      each seat over 2 becomes a rebuy in the masters to use or lose.

  • Karen Hone

    How do I know if I can play. I play in many bar leagues.

  • Lyle

    If I don’t play this Tournament are the seats in Las Vegas worth anything?

    • admin

      Seats have no cash value and cannot be transferred to any future event. Please only play for seats if you plan on using them to avoid taking them from others that could have earned them.

  • Charles Sloop

    I have two seats. If I play in the Masters, do I lose a seat or can I play in both flights for Day 1 qualifying for Day 2 of BPO in Vegas??

    • admin

      Nobody can win more than 1 seat for the national championship. That entirely what the Masters is for, for anyone that continued to play after winning a seat would be playing for masters tickets/rebuys.

  • frosty

    Is the Masters Tournament a winner-take-all event? Are there any prizes for other than 1st place?

    • admin

      Masters is winner take all, yes.

  • jack

    Do any seats won after May 26 start the 2019 masters board??