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Beta FREE-ROLL Special on Saturday, January 6th with prizes added!

We are always working hard behind the scenes to evolve and improve on the players experience.  We have completed the alpha stage of our new poker client and we are ready to show it to all of our valued players!

You will not notice much of a change at all in the design at this time, we are still updating design behind the scenes, but the software was rebuilt using some of the latest development practices that will allow it to work faster for all users, and rely on less speed or band-with as before, improvements should be noticed more specifically on mobile devices.

Players will only be able to play on the Beta Site on Saturday, January 6th, but we will be adding more prizes as a special thank you for being a part of our beta launch.

Date and Time:
Saturday, January 6, 2018
11:00 AM (eastern time)

3,000 Starting Stacks
8 Min Levels

Top 9 Win Tokens
1st Place Wins A $200,000 Seat

After tomorrow’s event, we will be allowing players to have a choice to play on the new beta site for all future games or use the older software.   You will see the choice right where the “access poker site” button has always been.

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