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Week 15 Double Header Special


“Week 15 Double Header Special” on Saturday (3/24) and Sunday (3/25)
Step 2 Qualifiers, 50 Seats Guaranteed
*Special Format with Max 2 Rebuys and Single Add-On At Break

For those asking for more Saturday Qualifiers, at a later start time, we have listened!  To make up for the missed online qualifier on 3/4 and keep to our goal of absolutely blowing out the attendance in Vegas 2018,  we will be running a Double Header Special on Week 15 (3/24 – 3/25).

  • 50 Championship Seats Guaranteed Total
  • 2 Vegas Packages Guaranteed
  • Special 2X Rebuy/Add-on Format for those with multiple tokens
  • Even More Seats if we break our guarantee! (Every 100 entries/rebuys/add-ons we give out 5 more seats!)
  • Longer Blinds on Week 15 only!  (extended to 15 minutes)

Saturday, March 24, 2018
11:30 AM (eastern time)


Sunday, March 25, 2018
11:00 AM (eastern time)

3,000 chips for a single “Top 3 Token” (Top 3 finish at a local bar)
15 min blinds (10/20 starting blinds)*
Rebuys will be allowed when players are out of chips (first 8 levels) maximum of 2 per person (up from standard weekly being 1)
Single Add-on (1 token for 3,000 chips) will be allowed during the break (after level 8)

2 Vegas Packages Guaranteed!

Saturday & Sunday First Place:  Full Las Vegas Package

  • Hotel for 5 Days at Golden Nugget,
  • $400 Airfare Reimbursement
  • $200K National Championship Seat

50 Seats Guaranteed!!
50 MORE PLAYERS guaranteed to have seats in Vegas!!!
– Saturday (20 Seats into the $200,000 National Championship Guaranteed)
– Sunday (30 Seats into the $200,000 National Championship Guaranteed)

Once guarantee is met, every 100 players, rebuys, and add-ons we will give away 5 more seats!

  • Saturday’s guarantee is based on 400 entries so when we reach 500 we will give away 25 seats, 30 seats at 600… and so on!
  • Saturday’s guarantee is based on 600 entries so when we reach 700 we will give away 35 seats, 40 seats at 800… and so on!

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend on the virtual felt!

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