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2020 Vegas Championship – Postponed to 2021

PostPoned_vegasIt pains us to say that we will be officially POSTPONING the 2020 Vegas National Championship.  As much as we probably saw this coming as things escalated in the past few weeks, it still is quite unbelievable that it has come to this.

What about Your Reservations and Packages?

Any packages that were won will be applied to the new dates in June 2021.  Golden Nugget will be cancelling any and all reservations made on the “BPO Block” and refunding any deposits or purchases.

If you still want to go to Golden Nugget during these dates, you are welcome to, but you will need to re-book with them directly.  No Championship Packages can be redeemed until the new Las Vegas 2021 dates.

What does that mean for the 2020 National Championship and Qualifiers?

All seats won and packages won will be valid for the new Vegas Dates, in June 2021.

We have made the decision, instead of trying to reschedule Vegas this year and “hope” things will sort out in the fall, we are going to join the 2020 Vegas Championship with the 2021 Vegas Championship for 1 Mega “2020-2021” Championship in Las Vegas in June 2021.

Much more details to follow on that plan as we get more information that we simply do not have right now.

We will continue to run the “Road To Vegas” 2020 Qualifiers until May 3rd, as they have always been scheduled.  Any seats or packages won until May 3, 2020 will be for the rescheduled “2020 Vegas Championship” that will now be held in June 2021. 

There are still 4 x “STEP 2: VEGAS QUALIFIERS” REMAINING So yes, you can still win your seats and packages on the Bar League PRO platform until May 3rd, and then we will be shifting gears a bit in a very exciting way to be announced Tuesday, April 28th!

Those details have been always posted here:



Super League Championship will still be on May 2, 2020 where
We will still give out 5 x 2020 Vegas Packages for the new 2021 dates.



Anyone with more than 1 seat, Masters Tournament will still be held on May 9th.
This would be your final chance to cash in those seats earned through the year:


This will close out our 2019 – 2020 Season Qualifiers.
All seats, all invites earned, and all packages earned during the 2019-2020 Season will be held until June 2021 new dates.  We will give more details on what our plan will be for the 2020-2021 season and championships as we have them.

What about next season?

We really do not have anything to report on the East Coast Championship, and most likely that event is also very much in jeopardy to being a viable option for us in 2020, or at least in the same form we know.  So instead of trying to guess and start running qualifiers for AC, we will be doing some very exciting promotions with the online platform.


We DO have a very exciting announcement for our “Bar League PRO” games extremely rewarding in MAY to further improve on our exciting games online!  May will be a very exciting month to look forward to with our online games 🙂    

Details will be coming out Tuesday, April 28th!

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  • Walter Irvine

    I’m hoping that you continue with the BPO pro memberships and maybe do some big online tournaments with big payouts.

  • Robert

    The online verbal abuse by sore losers at times is ridiculous. I have personally witnessed threats of violence and harassment. On a DAILY basis I am witness to the so called “poker experts” who can’t comprehend what a “donk” play someone made. To make it worse, once a player is knocked out of a tournament, they are still allowed to use the chat feature to berate players. This should not be tolerated.