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$10,000 March Tournament of Champions Special on April 17, 2020

We just SUPERCHARGED the normal Tournament of Champions Event for Top Players in March!
JOIN PRO and Start Playing Now to Earn Your Entry!

“PRO” Tournament Winners,  Top 300 Points Players in March, And Players with 20 Tokens or More can play on April 17th, 2021 @ 5:00 PM for this Special $10,000 Cash Payout Tournament!!!

How Do You Qualify to Join us April 17th?

  1. 20 TOKEN ENTRY – *NEW*
    We give out over 12,000 Tokens every month online or in the bars if your local games are running, start collecting yours today in any Local Bar Events, Online “PRO: Step 1 Tournaments”, “PRO: Token Tournaments”, or “PRO: Token Survivor Tournaments”!!  If you already have a balance of 20 tokens, you can use them for entry or rebuys in this event!or,
  2. ACHIEVE 1st PLACE in any Public “PRO” Tournament!
    Don’t use your hard earned tokens if you don’t have to.  1st Place Finish in the month of March will win entry into this tournament without having to use your token balance!
    *NEW*  Win multiple times for multiple rebuys or add-ons into this tournament!

  3. Finish Top 300 Players in Points from “PRO” Events
    Participate in any of the events listed above and earn points by finishing in the top 20% in order of your finish.
    Those points accumulate on the Bar League Pro leaderboard.  Keep yourself inthe top 300 and you earn your entry or rebuy without needed to use your token balance!

  4. Qualify ALL 3 Ways
    Use any combination of 1, 2, or 3 and you have multiple chances at rebuys or add-ons or use your token balance for entry or rebuys in this special event!

To see your qualification ranking and status, you can always log into your player dashboard to view the “Tournament of Champions” Status Bar.  See an example of this status bar here:

TOC Status Bar

You can also view full leaderboard, instant qualified players, and games to qualify for the “TOC” on the Bar League Pro page: BLP.barpokeropen.com.

March $10,000 Tournament of Champions Special!

Saturday, April 17th, 2021
5:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Registration Opens at 4:30PM
Late Registration Closes at 7:00 PM

What is the Entry?
20 Token “Buy In”
20 Token Rebuys (Max of 3 Allowed)
*Active PRO Players Only*
“PRO” players that win entry through points or a win will receive 20 temporary token deposit on day of event for each qualification to participate in the event in addition to their token balance.  If not used, this will be removed after the tournament rebuy period ends.

5,000 Starting Chips
15 Min Levels, Starting at 10/20
Rebuy or Add-on Options (5,000 chips each) for 20 tokens each!
Maximum of 3 Rebuys and 1 Add-on during the break will be allowed.

1st – $3,500
2nd – $ 2,000 | 3rd – $1,000 | 4th – $800 | 5th – $500 | 6th – $400 |  7th – $ 300
8th – $250 | 9th – $200 | 10-12th – $125  |  13-15th – $100  |  16-2oth – $75

Winning players can “cash out” by clicking the new $ icon at the top of your dashboard. Players will need to fill out a form and payouts will be made in check form and arrive within 7-10 days.

How Do You use the “Rebuy” or “Add-On”?
Players with a token balance of 20, or that win entry/rebuys through a win or through points can rebuy.

  • Players can rebuy immediately, or whenever they are at the starting stack or lower.
  • Players can also “add-on” during the break (after level 8)
    Players must use their rebuy/add-on during one of those times!

Thank you all for joining the “Bar League PRO” membership program!

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]  Please do not submit comments on this blog with questions that require answers, the comment section is not meant for customer service!

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