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Day 2: Jacky Lau Adds to His Stack

2021 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 24: 100,000/200,000/200,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 2,386
Players Remaining: 14

Jacky Lau

The action folded around to Chris Farkas in the hijack position and he raised to 500,000. Jacky Lau took his time pushing out a re-raise of 1,200,000 from the button. It folded back to Farkas who threw his hand into the muck and Lau added another pot to his stack. Lau is now up to 6,000,000 and we are just 6 eliminations away from the final table.

The players are now on a 15 minute color up break and we will pick up on the Day 2 action when play resumes.

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