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The BPO National Championship NLH Final Table is Set, Patrick Martorella Leads

2021 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 26: 200,000/400,000/400,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 2,386
Players Remaining: 8

(Seated L to R) Paul Kelly, Chris Farkas, Nick Burnett, Dean Terry (Standing L to R) Ron Licari, Jacky Lau, Patrick Martorella, Mark Moger

The Bar Poker Open National Championship NLH drew a massive total of 2,386 entries creating the largest BPO prize pool in history of over $450,000. After an action packed day two we are down to the final eight players.

Patrick Martorella

Dean Terry

Patrick Martorella is leading the way with 17,250,000 after winning the largest pot of the night to leave Kevin Fox with the short stack. Dean Terry (NPPT) who started the day with a big stack and was in cruise control throughout returns in second with 12,325,000.

The players will return at 3 PM and battle it out for $70,047 and the BPO trophy. You can catch all of the livestream action at Bar Poker Open Facebook live as well as Bar Poker Open on YouTube live.

Below is a full look at the final eight players chip counts as well as what’s at stake.

Seat 1. Jacky Lau (Eastern Poker Tour)- 4,825,000
Seat 2. Ron Licari (Riverchasers)- 4,600,000
Seat 3. Paul Kelly- 7,150,000 (Bar League PRO Member)
Seat 4. Chris Farkas (AZ Hold’Em)- 5,475,000
Seat 5. Nick Burnett (One Time Poker)- 5,025,000
Seat 6. Dean Terry (NPPT)- 12,325,000
Seat 7. Mark Moger (Riverchasers)- 3,775,000
Seat 8. Patrick Martorella (NY Free Poker)- 17,250,000


1. $70,047+BPO Trophy
2. $42,140
3. $30,010
4. $22,490
5. $17,020
6. $13,740
7. $10,590
8. $8,250

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