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The Super League Season XI Championship – April 30, 2022


Season XI of the Super League has come!!    The BPO Super League ranks all players from each league and gives HUGE benefits to top players of the league based on ranking and # of “BPO Events” the league has hosted.

Top ranked players are invited to buy-into “Day 1A” of the upcoming 2022 Vegas World Championship and some are even invited to compete against other league’s top players for more than $7,000 in prizes in the Online Super League Championship!

Season Dates:
9/13/2021 – 4/24/2022

Super League Online Championship:
Saturday, April 30, 2022

Bar League “PRO” Online Games will also be included as a “League” in the Super League!
With less than 30% of our regular games going right now across the country, we fully understand that not everyone is able to play in their local bars, so this is your way to keep yourself “in the game” and still be able to join is in Vegas!

You can also compete in BOTH leaderboards to maximize your chances!  Compete in both your local games and the Bar League “PRO” online games!  You can then utilized your best ranking to qualify for the Super League Championship and earn your way to a Vegas Invite!

This will be in addition to the “Tournament of Champions” Monthly Leaderboard that can be found here:

Rankings Tiers and Benefits Explained:
The Super League gives added benefits to players that are consistently attending BPO Events and finishing in the Top 20% each night.  Every night that you are able to finish in the top 20% that night, you get Super League Points based on your finish.  Players are then ranked based on cumulative points for the season and player benefits are based on your ranking and number of BPO events your league has hosted.  Quite simply, the more events your league hosts, the more top players are given rewards and prizes!

The Super League Points Formula was built to reward players based on finish and participants.  These points and your ranking are all automatically calculated once your league posts accurate results for the event.  The formula is below:

Points = 10 * [sqrt(n)/sqrt(k)] * [1+log(10.25)]
n is the number of entrants
k is the place of finish (k=1 for the first-place finisher, and so on)

Rewards are all based on Tiers on the Super League Leaderboard:

Tier 1:
Every time your league hosts 4 games, a top ranked player is allowed to buy into the upcoming championship.  This season is for the Vegas World Championship on June 12 – 16, 2022.  This means even if you didn’t win a seat, you will be invited to at least buy into the upcoming championship as a top ranked player for the current season.

Tier 2:
Every time your league host 10 games, a top ranked player wins a seat into the Super League Online Championship on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Tier 3:
Every time your league hosts 40 games, a top ranked player wins a seat and a rebuy/add-on advantage in the Super League Online Championship!

League hosting 100 games

– Top 25 players on league leaderboard invited to 2022 Vegas World Championship (spot opening up every 4 events)
– Top 10 players on league leaderboard win seats into Super League Championship (SLC) (spot opening up every 10 events)
– Top 2 players on league leaderboard win rebuy/add-on in Super League Championship (spot opening up every 40 events)


Why is the leaderboard based on Events?
We find this to be the fairest measure of inviting top performing players from each league to base it on the leagues commitment to the Bar Poker Open National Championship.  It is a direct correlation that the more games your league hosts locally, the larger our National Championship.

Quite simply, a league that hosts 1,000 “BPO Games” a season should be able to invite 10X proportionally more players into the special events vs. a league that hosts 100 games / season because they are funding the championship prize 10x more than the other league!  We also have noticed that this also means that there is direct relationship of games and players.  In a league that has 10x more games, there is also usually 10x more players competing  on the leaderboard as well!

Accurate Results:
Sometimes a player can get a reward or not based on a cut-off of just 1 point, so it is imperative that your TD or League Owner submits results and attendance that are perfectly accurate.  If you feel there is something wrong with the result that game, please contact us.

We are always available to answer emails via [email protected], or you can post your question here in the comments section below for an answer that might be able to help others as well!

Super League Championship Details:
Saturday, April 30, 2022
4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

0 Tokens
Invited by finishing in the Top 2 Tiers (Tier 1 & Tier 2) on the super league ranking and you will see an invite in your dashboard
Top “Tier 1” Qualifiers get a rebuy advantage in event

Registration will open at 2:00 PM (eastern time)

3,000 Starting Stack, 10/20 Starting Blind
3,000 Chips for Rebuy/Add-on for those that qualified for one
15 Min Levels
Add-on period after 2 hours of play (8 levels)

5 Grand Prizes: (1st – 5th Place)
Las Vegas Vacation Package is valued at over $1,000 and includes:

  • 5 Days / 4 Nights Stay at Golden Nugget
  • $400 Travel Reimbursement
    • For any means of travel, you will receive $400 check during registration
  • Day 1A Championship Seat
    • If this is your Second Seat Won, it would be good for the Masters Championship.  Pro members will have more options in exchanging seats!
    • Players that have already won 2 seats will win a Masters Seat
  • Players that already won a travel package will receive $400 in spending money distributed with their initial package travel reimbursement.

6th – 10th Place
Win Day 1A Seats into the 2022 Vegas National Championship

Increase your chances by being a Top Tier Rank!

Our top tier spot is unlocked every time your league hosts 40 events.  Top players are exclusively given a rebuy/add-on advantage in the Super League Championship.   There is no way to rebuy/add-on unless you earned this right by ranking.

How to Check if you qualified!
Your dashboards when you log in, all have a status bar that explains your current Super League Ranking as well as a project of what to expect at the end of the year as long as you keep your ranking and your league continues to host events at the same frequency.  You can also view your league leaderboards on each league page on the Bar Poker Open website.

Do you still have questions?
Shoot us an email at [email protected]
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    Do we receive information by e- mail

    • Your status and ranking within the super league, as well as an explanation of what you qualified for, is already in your player dashboards. We do have emails going out as well tomorrow.

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