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2024 Vegas Masters Tournament – May 4, 2024

Once players have won 3 seats during the time period of June 4, 2023 – April 27, 2024 , the 2nd unused seat and beyond are converted into “Masters Tickets”.  These masters tickets become buy-ins/rebuys into the Online Masters Tournament on May 4, 2024.

How Would You Have “Used” A Seat?
Seats won prior to the 2024 Florida Championship, can be redeemed in Florida.
If you didn’t use it in Florida, it would stay in your account for Vegas.

Once you earn a second seat without using one in Florida, that is now converted to a Masters Tournament Seat.

The Bar Poker Open Master’s Tournament is an exclusive tournament for those talented enough to win multiple seats online to play for a massive prize.
Once a player achieves 2 or  more “unused” seats during the period of June 4, 2024 – April 27, 2024,  that 2nd seat can be used as a “Master’s Ticket” and every Master’s Ticket won above and beyond that becomes a rebuy/add-on in this Masters Tournament.

Any and all seats over the World Championship Seat Earned must be used for the Masters and have no other value other than as entry or rebuy/add-on in the Masters Event. So make sure you are available to participate in the Masters Tournament on May 4, 2024. 

The prize of the Masters Event  is a Day 1 “bye” right into Day 2 of the 2024 Vegas World Championship before you even step foot in Vegas!

By winning this “Bye”…

  • You will already be “in the money” with an average stack of 500,000
  • You will by-pass 95% of the field for the $400,000+ Anticipated Total Payout!
    (this means you will have only 100 players to compete against if we reach 2,000 entries)

Saturday, May 4, 2024 @ 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  Registration opens at 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  Late Registration allowed until 6:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Cost for Entry:

  • 500 Temporary Tokens (Invite only)
    Automatically added at 9AM for any players with more than 1 “Championship Seat” remaining in their account.
  • Rebuys Allowed for each additional seat won, over 2 (500 tokens for each rebuy)
    (valid at any time when player has 3,000 or fewer chips)
  • Add-on is also allowed for each seat won (500 tokens for each add-on)
    (valid during Break after Level 8)
  • Any unused rebuys (500 tokens for each) are removed promptly after the event.

Tournament Format:
3,000 Starting Stack
15 Min Levels
Rebuys Allowed for 8 Levels for those that have extra seats beyond the masters seat
Add-On Allowed during the break (after level 8)
*Re-buys can be made at any point that you have 3,000 chips or less, so this means you can rebuy in the beginning to start with 6,000 chips.

How To Rebuy/Add-On:
As a way to only allow rebuys for players that earned them, we will be dispersing players 500 tokens after 9:00 AM on the day of the event for every additional seat you won, more than 2.   These tokens will be removed from your account, they will be removed after the tournament so you will need to use them or lose them.

If you have 8 Total Seats Won this season
You will be given 500 Tokens On Saturday after 9AM
8 Seats Won – 1 Vegas Championship Seat = 7 Seats to use for Masters
7 x 500 Tokens Per Seat = 3,500 Tokens

Rebuy/Add-On opportunities:
– You can rebuy at the beginning of tournament or at any time you are at or below 3,000 chips
– You can only add-on for 3,000 chips during the break (after level 8)


The Winner of this event will Win a “Bye” into Day 2 of the 2024 Las Vegas World Championship with a Guaranteed Average Chipstack (500,000 chips).

  • This will allow the player to get past 95% of the field and instantly “in the money” during Day 2 with a 500,000 chip-stack (the expected field average).
  • Winner may also still use their earned National Championship Seat to compete in Day 1, to achieve a higher chip stack.
    If player bags chips greater in value than the 500,000 average stack during any Day1, they will start Day 2 with the larger stack.
  • If there is a field of 1,000 players, you will only have to beat out 50 players for the lions share of the expected $400,000+ on the Televised Final Table!
  • You will also be guaranteed $500 or more for making it to day 2 before even getting to Vegas!
    (last year minimum payout for making Day 2 was $700)

This prize and your seats are non-transferrable, have no cash value, and can only be used for the 2024 Vegas World Championship.
Please do not play in the Masters Event (or in any of the weekly qualifiers for that matter) if you cannot make the tournament.   You would have nothing to gain and you would only be taking a prize from someone who plans to attend.

Do not play for seats if you cannot attend the World Championship Event(s).
Tokens do not expire, or *PRO* members can use your tokens for hundreds of other monthly promotions that you can redeem tokens, outside of the Championship Qualifiers.  Any masters seats/rebuys or championship seats that are not used for Vegas or the Masters Event will be expired after the 2024 Vegas World Championship and cannot be used for any future promotions or events.

Players that win additional BPO seats at Local League Events, can use the additional seats for entry in the Masters!  Please make sure your league enters your seat won well in advance of the Masters Championship.

What if you don’t use a rebuy/add-on you earned?
To restrict who can and who can’t rebuy, we deposit amount of tokens nobody has in their accounts.  The tokens we used are only a way to limit who can and can’t add-on or rebuy.  You did not actually “earn” 500 tokens.  Any rebuys or add-ons you do not use as a player will be removed from your dashboard.  Additional seats and/or tokens are not usable for any other more seats into the championship or any other promotion.    Make sure you are well aware of the rebuy process before participating in the masters tournament.

Your final chance to use any championship seats over your Day 1A seat , before it expires would be in this Masters Tournament.


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