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We are still saddened by having to post-pone our championship, but our 2021 “MEGA” Championship is our way of turning the “lemons” we have been given this year… into one Giant Pool of Cash!!

Here is the anticipated championship format for the 2021 Vegas Championship, that will be effectively combining both the 2020 and the 2021 National Championships into one “Mega” Championship in Las Vegas in the Summer of 2021.

Qualification for the 2020 National Championship (Day 1A)
Will end on May 3, 2020
Your FINAL chance of qualifying for Day 1A was Sunday, May 3rd.
No seat winners after May 3, 2020 can play in Day 1A. No exceptions!

Qualification for the 2021 National Championship (Day 1C)
This means your FIRST Chance of qualifying for Day 1C will be Sunday, May 10th
No seat winners on May 10th, 2020 or later can play in Day 1A, that is exclusively for 2020 qualifiers.


What does this mean for 2020 “Invited Players” from the “Season 9 Super League Ranking”?
All Super League, Season 9 players that earned an invite to buy into our 2020 National Championship will have this invite extended to Day 1A of the 2021 Combined Championship.  Players that play in day 1A can play the second chance, Day 1B.  This is not good Day 1C or Day 1D of the newly formatted championship.

To earn an invite or a seat into Day 1C, you will have to earn that invite or seat AFTER May 10th, 2020.

How Do You Earn An Invite for Day 1C?
Right now, the only way to play in Day 1C is to win a seat on May 10, 2020 or after!   The Super League Ranking has been suspended until the majority of our live events are back up and running.  Once we do resume this, there will be a way to earn invites to the championship.

What’s The Prize?

We anticipate at least a $400,000+ Total Prize Pool, with the possibility of much more if we are back to our regularly scheduled events.   The ultimate prize pool will depend on how many local games, online games, “PRO” members, qualifiers, and players joining us in June 2021!

It will certainly will be more than any of our events in our 6 year history of creating the World’s Largest Bar Poker Championships!!

Exact and Confirmed Dates will not be set until we are able to get approvals.   This is based on too many factors to give anyone a date right now.  We fully expect this to be hosted in June 2021 and as things get solidified or if they have to be moved we will give everyone as much notice as possible.

Starting May 10, 2020
We will start qualifying players for “their choice” in championship all the way up to this 2021 Championship.  Seats won as of May 10th and on, would be exclusively for Day 1C of the combined championship because this is essentially the 2021 Championship.

  • Players that won a seat 5/26/19 – 5/3/20 must play Day 1A, no exceptions.
  • Players that win a seat 5/10/20 – 4/25/21 must play Day 1C, no exceptions.

Package Winner Details
How this effects package winners in both years,  is important to read.

2020 Championship Package Winners will have their packages extended 2 days.
All Vegas Packages won for the 2020 Championship that has been postponed into the combined championship will have increased days to accomodate what is now a longer championship!  

  • This includes all Weekly Step 2 Winners (5/26/19 – 5/3/20)
  • April 11, 2020 – Super High Roller Winners
  • May 2, 2020 – Super League (Season 9 Winners)
  • October 5, 2020 – Super League (Season 8 Winners that didn’t use package for Atlantic City)
  • January 18, 2020 – High Roller Challenge Winner
  • September 14th, 2020 – High Roller Challenge Winners (that didn’t use their package for Atlantic City)

2021 Championship Package Winners Vegas Packages
All New Vegas Packages Winners for the 2021 Championship Season Details: 

  • Packages won on 5/10/20 or later, will be good for the 2021 Championship.  This starts on “Day 1C” of the combined championship.
  • Seat is good for the 2021 Championship, “Day 1C” of the combined championship
  • Hotel Stay will be good from Wednesday – Sunday (5 Days/4 Nights)
  • $400 for Travel Reimbursement
  • We can accommodate players that qualified for a seat only in 2020 and extend hotel earlier to play in Day 1A as well, we can assist in that and just take the hotel costs from the travel reimbursement.

2021 Championship Package Winners includes:

  • All Weekly “Step 2 – Championship Qualifier” Winners (5/10/20 – 4/25/21)
  • August 11, 2020 – Super High Roller Winners
  • And more special events as they become announced!

What about Players that win multiple packages?

  • Players that win a package in 2020 (before May 10) AND 2021 (after May 10) will win seats into both Day 1A and Day 1C
    • These players will have $800 total travel reimbursement
    • These players will have a hotel stay from Sunday – Sunday
  • Players that win multiple packages after May 10, 2020 will receive $400 more travel reimbursement for each additional travel package won.
  • Players that won multiple packages before May 3, 2020 will received $400 more travel reimbursement for each additional travel package won.

What about the East Coast Championship?
We think it is unlikely to expect that we will be hosting in Atlantic City in October, but we will certainly do our best to get something on the the calendar before 2020 ends.  You are still welcome to “choose” the East Coast Destination on any seats won after May 10th.  

If we do not have an East Coast Championship, we will most likely be creating an online championship in which players can “choose” to use additional seats.

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  • Joan Price

    I have played 53 games out of 60 and have never received a token. I thought every 10 games we received a token.

    • admin

      Hi Joan,
      Each game awards 1 Token for Every 10 Entries… to the top finishers. If we have 500 players, 50 tokens are awarded in order of finish 1st – 50th.

  • How Where Do I Sign Up!?

    • admin

      Hi Mary,
      Log in at http://www.barpokeropen.com with your email and password you created. Once in you will see the “SIGN UP” link top right when you log in!

  • Steven Hilton

    Please send me e-mails regarding any new information regarding 2021 vegas tournaments. ps I have a seat for 2020??? Thanks, Steve

    • admin

      Hi Steve,
      This post explains exactly what you can do with your 2020 Championship Seat.. it is for Day 1A of the 2021 Championship!

  • Pete

    If you advance to day 2 in the 2020 round and the 2021 round, do you combine the 2 stacks since it is once championship?

    • admin

      Hi Pete.
      You would win a $1,000 Bonus and you get to keep your “best” stack.

  • Joe Brower

    Bar Poker Open “lead page”, left side says I have won both a 2020 & 2021 seat but wording is contradictory a couple places. I won seat on Mar 7, 2020, April 12, 2020 [both for 2020 Vegas, one was redeemed for new tournament]; and May 10, 2020 for 2021 Vegas.

    Please confirm I have seat for both 2020 & 2021. Thks, Joe Brower

  • Joe Brower

    I gave info several weeks ago
    and asked for confirm of seats for both 2020 & 2021; no reply yet, please provide.