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$10,000 Tournament of Champions Satellites Start Monday, April 5th

On April 17, 2021 we are hosting a “Special March Tournament of Champions Event” and we have added 2 weeks of Satellite Events to win yourself a seat (and/or rebuy) into the game.

If you didn’t yet qualify based on the qualification criteria or you want to earn yourself an additional rebuy, this is your opportunity!

**Seats won in these Satellites are EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS $10,000 TOC SPECIAL ON APRIL 17TH and cannot be used in any other championship event, and have no other value than seats in this event.   Additional seats won can be used as a rebuy, and you are able to do up to 3 rebuys and an add-on in the championship event, but if you do not use those rebuys the seat will expire.  Play accordingly.**

**MON – THUR AT 7:00 PM (Eastern Time)**
“$10,000 Special DEEPstack Satellites”
– PRO Members Only –

– 1 Token Entry (Up To 2 Re-Entries Allowed)
4,000 Starting Stack
– 10/20 Starting Blinds
– 12 Min Levels
– 1 in 20 Entries Win A “$10,000 – March Tournament of Champions Special” Seat
– Top 20% Also Win Points for the April $5,000 Tournament of Champions
– 1st Place also Wins A Seat into the April $5,000 Tournament of Champions


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