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$50,000 Online Summer Championship – July 10, 2021 @ 11AM


$50,000 ONLINE National Championship
Saturday, July 10, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

Any players with an active PRO Membership are able to participate as long as they also earned a seat or have the token count to play in this event!

Pro Members will have a ton of new ways to qualify and play in our first ever ONLINE National Championship or redeem a 2020 or 2021 Championship Seat meant for the 2021 Vegas Championship if you are not willing to wait till Fall of 2021 to redeem your championship seat.

You can directly enter or rebuy in a National Championship with 30 tokens!  Yes this means if you have 60+ tokens,  you will be able to play and rebuy or any combination of seats and/or tokens!  Build up your token bankroll through the “ Token Tournaments” every night and you can play with your token balance!


Current Season (2021) and Past Championship Seat Winners (2020)

To give everyone maximum flexibility, any PRO Member with a seat that was won in either this current season (May 10th or later) or that still has a remaining seat from the 2020 Championship that they were planning to use.  You can exchange that seat you would have otherwise used in the rescheduled Vegas 2021 Championship.

If you do exchange a Championship Seat you will no longer be able to use it in Vegas 2021.  Invited players based on super league will be able to buy-in to the championship, but those that won a seat only will no longer be able to participate.

STEP 2 Tournaments
Players who win a seat in any “Step 2 Tournament” after May 10th, can use that seat in the Online Championship.

What is the Format? Date? Time?*
Saturday, July 10 , 2021 @ 11AM (Eastern Time)
15,000 Chips | 20 Min Levels
Rebuys Will Be Allowed For First 12 Levels if you are out of chips
Up to 2 Rebuys Max will be allowed

$12,000 to first and Top 50 winning $200+

1st 24%  $               12,000
2nd 14%  $                 7,000
3rd 10%  $                 5,000
4th 7%  $                 3,500
5th 5%  $                 2,500
6th 4%  $                 2,000
7th 3%  $                 1,600
8th 3%  $                 1,400
9th 2%  $                 1,200
10th 2%  $                 1,000
11th 2%  $                    750
12th 2%  $                    750
13th 1%  $                    600
14th 1%  $                    600
15th 1%  $                    500
16th 1%  $                    500
17th 1%  $                    450
18th 1%  $                    450
19th 1%  $                    350
20th 1%  $                    350
21 – 30th 1%  $                    300
31 – 40th 1%  $                    250
41 – 50th 0%  $                    200

Live Stream Final Table
Our virtual final table as well as some featured tables will be live-streamed via Twitch and Facebook Live with some special guests and commentators.

Qualify for as Little as 1 Token!
Click here for Satellite Schedule

Q: When/Where is this tournament?

A: July 10, 2021, at 11am (Eastern Time), hosted on the BarPokerOpen.com Online Poker Site.   Registration for the tournament will begin the day of the event at 10am (est).

Q: What is the Cost to Enter?

A: Entry is 30 BPO Tokens or a $50K Seat.  Rebuys are also 30 Tokens.
Players may exchange a valid BPO Seat for 30 tokens prior to the event (see below for information).

Q: What is the Structure?
A: No Limit Texas Hold’em.  20-minute blind levels.  10,000 tournament chips.  Rebuys eligible until the end of the 12th Level.
A maximum of 2 Rebuys allowed per player after the initial entry.  There is no add-on.

Q: Rebuys must be done immediately.
If you do not click the rebuy button after prompted to when knocked out, and you get up off the table you will not be able to rebuy and you will not have and recourse because we cannot get you back in the game. Take this time to play in tournaments with rebuys to better understand the process if this is the first time playing on the site.

Q:  Who is eligible to play in this event?

A:  All Bar Poker Open players with an active Bar League PRO Membership on 07/10/2021 or earlier who have at least 30 tokens in their account or have a BPO Championship Seat to exchange.

Q: I have a BPO Championship Seat… how do I exchange it for 30 tokens?

A: “PRO” Members will log into their BarPokerOpen.com account and view their player dashboard.  If you have a valid BPO Seat there will be a link asking to “REDEEM /EXCHANGE SEAT” for you.

Q: Can I redeem more than one BPO Championship Seat?

A: Yes!  In your dashboard you may repeat the Redemption/Exchange process again to exchange a BPO Seat for 30 more tokens.
A: Yes!  During the redemption process it will ask you how many Seats you would like to exchange.  Select the proper amount you are going to exchange.   This must be done in your player dashboard.

Q: Which Championship Seats are eligible to be exchanged?
A: There are 3 different Seats that players may have and may be exchanged.

1) is a 2020 Seat valid previously for the June 2020 Vegas National Championship that has been rescheduled for Day 1A of the 2021 Championship.  No players have more than one of these seats remaining. All chances to utilize additional 2020 seats have long expired with the Masters Tournament and the Super High Roller Tournament. If you use this seat, you will not be able to play in Day 1A of the 2021 Championship.

2) a new 2020/2021 BPO Seat earned on or after May 10th, 2020. 
Players may have more than one 2020/2021 BPO Seat earned after May 10th, 2020 because this season is currently going on.  Log into your dashboard to see your personal Seat balance.

3) a $50K Seat won online.
We are hosting Satellites Daily and players can win $50K Seats directly and only for this tournament.

Q: If I don’t have a BPO Seat or 30 Tokens, how do I qualify?

A: Bar League PRO members may compete daily in $50,000 Championship Satellites at 7pm (est).  One $50K Entry is awarded for every 30 entries, and the winner of the Satellite also wins their Seat into the Monthly $5,000 TOC. 
Also, there are daily Token Builder Tournaments at 9:00pm (est) in which 1st place typically wins 15+ tokens.

If you already have a decent token bank, but don’t quite have 30 tokens yet this could be a perfect event for you.  $100 is added to 1st place of every Token Builder Tournament as well!

Q: What are the prizes?

A: Payout Table is listed above.

Q:  If I win a prize, how are prizes paid?
A:  As with all BPO cash prize events, your prize will be in your prize account in your players dashboard.  You will be able to “cash out” by clicking the icon and washout button. Winners will need to complete a W9 Tax Form to claim their prize if this put them over $599 for the year.  Bar Poker Open will mail a prize check.

*Tournament details subject to change before the day of the event, please check tournament details on day of the event for most accurate rules, payouts, and format.

Any questions?
Contact Us at [email protected]!

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  • Stephen McFeeley

    It says I have a 2020(now 2021 seat in the description), but I don’t see the exchange button.

    • The exchange seat option will not be live until the day of the event.

  • Tyrone Caldwell

    I am not a Pro Member. The information above only speaks of Pro Members exchanging their seats. I won a seat in the Sunday Step 2 tournament. Will I still be able to exchange it?

    • You will need to join PRO to both exchange a seat and in order to participate in the event. Those are both PRO member benefits.

  • Leeanne Dickinson

    What are the dates for the Barpoker Open in Vegas?

    • October 10 – 16, 2021. This has been announced since April. See the website here:

    • October 10 – 17, 2021
      Full website on the event has been posted since April 2021
      This can be found at: vegas.barpokeropen.com

  • Mike

    Where will the results and pics of each of the vegas weeks tournaments be posted (tag team, no etc.)? I only see the championship.