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Steve Romanelli Leads the 16 Day 1C Flight B Survivors

2021 Bar Poker Open National Championship
Level 18: 20,000/40,000/40,000 BB Ante
Day 1c Flight B Entries: 319
Day 1c Flight B Players Remaining: 16

Steve Romanelli

The second Day 1C flight has come to an end and there are 16 players advancing. Steve Romanaelli (NPPT) scored a knockout holding pocket aces against ace jack in the last hand of the night. That pot was enough to push Romanelli over the million chip mark and into the chip lead with 1,340,000.

Todd Becker

Ryan Meeks

Todd Becker (NPPT) sits in second with 865,000 and Ryan Meeks (NPPT) rounds out the top three chip stacks with 795,000. The players will return on Friday October 15 at 11 AM to resume play. Below is a full look at the Day 1C flight B chip counts.

Steve Romanelli- 1,340,000
Todd Becker- 865,000
Ryan Meeks- 795,000
Nick Burnett- 630,000
Matthew Jones- 620,000
Ryan Toal- 560,000
Angela Wright- 545,000
Sammi McPhail- 480,000
George Gorker- 440,000
Hasani Budd- 420,000
Cesar Robledo- 290,000
Chris Farkas- 265,000
Gerry Gulick- 250,000
Josh Nielson- 125,000
Carlos Corova- 135,000
Shawn Meyer- 125,000

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