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2021 Vegas Championship Update

We have officially decided that, at this point, it makes the most sense to Schedule the Bar Poker Open 2021 Vegas Championship in the Fall.  We are looking at October/November as the months in which we will be planning to schedule the Week Long Festivities.

It’s been a very trying time for Bar Poker Open and all our participating leagues, and nobody is more eager than us to get back to doing what we have been doing for the past 16 years than us.  Our event is still not possible under the current pandemic situation and protocols, and it is far too risky to “hope” that we will be OK in the summer to try to pull of an event that soon.  However, we are thrilled to say that it certainly appears there is a light on the end of the tunnel.    Leagues are slowly and safely opening back up in some states and it appears we should be in very good shape by the end of this year.

We are very confident enough that our event can be hosted, to full capacity by Fall of 2021!

We are already working on dates and a room block and hope to have those announced as soon as the end of this month!

Vegas Package Info, Seat Information,  Prize Information, Qualification Details, and All the details on the Vegas Championship have been posted since April of 2020!   At the point, just the final dates is what we are waiting on.

Click Here for these details

What’s New To Announce?

There will still be a JUNE CHAMPIONSHIP … ONLINE!!
Next $50,000 Online Championship will be hosted in June!

  • Again, we will be allowing PRO members with the ultimate flexibility with their Championship Seats and allowing the ability to exchange their championship seats or any additional championship seats they might have won for this Online Championship Entry.
  • We will also be starting $50,000 Online Satellites to win additional seats online on April 17th, daily at the 7PM  (Eastern Time)!
  • This tournament will again be live streamed with special guests!

Super League will Resume in Mid-April!

  • We will be bringing BACK the Super League after almost a full year hiatus due to the stoppage of all live events and the very slow re-opening across the country. 
  • The super league rules will be modified a bit to also include a PRO members league to have an additional avenue to qualify for the Super League Championship and even more great prizes!

“2 STEPS TO QUALIFYING” to Continue Through September 5th
Every Sunday you can win a Vegas Vacation or Your Seat, now through September 5th!

Step 1:  Win A Token
Win a Token Online or Through Any of our Local Live Events.
Click here to find the game closest to you to see upcoming games closest to you to make sure they are open due to COV-19 protocols.

Step 2:  Win A Seat or Full Vegas Package
Every Sunday at 11:30 AM (Eastern Time) we host the Step 2 Qualifier.

1st Place Wins A Full Vegas Package
Approximately Top 4% Win Seats to the Vegas Championship! (4 seats awarded for every 100 entries

$10,000 March Tournament of Champions SPECIAL!

We supercharged the normal $5,000 Tournament of Champions by DOUBLING THE CASH PAYOUT and also giving MORE WAYS TO QUALIFY… with 20 days left in March… and over 10 tournaments a day to qualify… you can qualify tonight instantly!!

How Do You Qualify to play for $10,000?

First, Sign Up for a “PRO” Membership right in your player dashboard for less than $1 per day.  Then you can qualify through any of these 4 ways!

  1. 20 TOKEN ENTRY – *NEW*
    We give out over 12,000 Tokens every month online or in the bars if your local games are running, start collecting yours today in any Local Bar Events, Online “PRO: Step 1 Tournaments”, “PRO: Token Tournaments”, or “PRO: Token Survivor Tournaments”!!  If you already have a balance of 20 tokens, you can use them for entry or rebuys in this event!or,
  2. ACHIEVE 1st PLACE in any Public “PRO” Tournament!
    Don’t use your hard earned tokens if you don’t have to.  1st Place Finish in the month of March will win entry into this tournament without having to use your token balance!
    *NEW*  Win multiple times for multiple rebuys or add-ons into this tournament!

  3. Finish Top 300 Players in Points from “PRO” Events
    Participate in any of the events listed above and earn points by finishing in the top 20% in order of your finish.
    Those points accumulate on the Bar League Pro leaderboard.  Keep yourself inthe top 300 and you earn your entry or rebuy without needed to use your token balance!

  4. Qualify ALL 3 Ways
    Use any combination of 1, 2, or 3 and you have multiple chances at rebuys or add-ons or use your token balance for entry or rebuys in this special event!

Learn more about the $10,000 Tournament of Champions “SPECIAL” Here:

$10,000 March Tournament of Champions Special on April 17, 2020



The $10,000 Special and the $50,000 Online Champions… is just the beginning for 2021. We have and more exciting developments coming for our PRO members.  For less than $1 per day you get additional opportunities at over $1,200,000 in Prizes Every Year!


If you have any questions that you feel might not be answers on this page or on the 2021 Championship Details page already, please do not leave a comment, please email [email protected].  Thank you!

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    looks great i been in the house so long i don’t remember if i have a seat could you let me know